Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's been a while

Hey everyone, as you've probably noticed, i've taken a little break from blogging over the last couple of months. I didn't really have alot of free time to blog, so i didn't; however, recently i've started to feel like getting back into it. I can't promise you I'll be 100% consistent with my posting, but i'm going to try and ease my way back into it.

Anyway, I've thought of a few ideas for the blog that i'm going to try and incorporate into my posts. I think it would be cool for the reader to know what's coming to them in terms of my posts (i.e. state of the Yankees posts every week, player progress reports, minor league updates etc..) as well as mixing in some random rants about the Yankees. I'm going to work on a weekly schedule where i post certain topics for certain days and see what i can come up with.

I've been thinking about making a new blog and starting fresh with a new name and everything so i'll keep you posted on that as well. Go Yankees!


Friday, November 6, 2009

"It's Umbaleebable"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman your postseason MVP

Monday, October 19, 2009

Looking at the bigger picture helps

Today was a brutal loss... part of me thinks Girardi brought in Aceves just to get that game over with (kidding obviously). But if you look at the bigger picture, which is, the Yankees having a 2 games to 1 lead against the Angels with CC Sabathia going tomorrow.

...Let it sink in...

Makes you feel better right?

The one thing i did notice watching the game however, was that Nick Swisher and Melky Cabrera are basically free outs at the bottom of the lineup right now, actually... so is everyone whose name isn't Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Hideki Matsui.

The Yankees can't rely only on their pitchers to get it done if they want to win the world series... they'll have to step up their offense and Girardi will have to stop playing baseball by the book.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Notes from ALDS game 2

-Damaso Marte can't be relied on to get outs in the postseason... bring on Bruney.

-David Robertson getting out of that bases loaded no outs jam was not only a huge play in the game, but it must have done loads for his confidence.

-Alex Rodriguez is officially clutch.

-Mark Teixeiras single in the 9th was important for several reasons... had he made an out, that would be an 0-8 to start the postseason and the Yankees may not have tied the game. We all know that if the Yankees lost that game and Teix was 0-8 going into Minnesota, there would be alot of pressure on him to produce.

-A.J. Burnett pitching to Jose Molina was a success.

-Having the third catcher in Francisco Cervelli comes in very handy in games that Jose Molina will start.

-Johnny Damon needs to step up and show the Yankees why they should bring him back for 2010. He's been pretty bad so far this postseason and honestly, when the Yankees had runners on the corners and 1 out last night, i didn't think he could get Gardner in (which he didn't).

-Nick Swisher had a huge headsup up play early in the game yesterday to save a run... like i said before the series started, he was going to be a huge factor in beating the Twins.

-Derek Jeter.The Captain #2. Enough said.

-Is anyone else hoping the Red Sox somehow manage to beat the Angels this series? I really don't want to face the spirit of Nick Adenhart... and playing the Red Sox is just alot more interesting.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In-game update ALDS game 1

Update 7:08: ... ummm Posada? you don't do that in the playoffs.

Update 7:20: 2-2 as captain clutch comes through!

Update 7:43: What did i say? Swish would come up big for us in this series.... 3-2 Yankees and i am starting to lose my voice.

Update 8:04: 4-2 Yankees... A-Rod came through??? Kate Hudson was very pleased.

Update 8:10
: it's 6-2 after Matsui Jacked one to center. I officially no longer have a voice... and i'm loving it.

Update 8:34: There have been an unusual amount of balls hit up the middle at Sabathia in this game...


Update 9:46: Game 1 goes to the Yankees! 7-2 as Mariano closes it out.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Molina will catch Burnett

Yes, it's true, Molina will be catching Burnett... and Posada doesn't seem too pleased.

I'm not one to bet on baseball... but if you're into sports betting... i would hold off on placing high bets on the Yankees to win this game.

Burnett's numbers with Posada are much worse, but he's such a streaky pitcher it's hard to tell if he was uncomfortable, or he was just being his inconsistent self.

One thing i will say about Burnett, you probably want to get him to start his games at home, take a look at these splits. AJ has a 3.5 ERA at home as opposed to 4.6 on the road... this means instead of having Andy go for game 2, you have Andy hold off and go on the road.Pettite actually pitches better on the road, here are his splits.

Personally, i think the Yankees best bet is to have Andy go for game 3 @ detroit/Minnesota, and have Burnett go at home in game 2.

*Update 4:50*

It seems like Joe Girardi made the right decision and is going with Burnett for game 2.